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From the start, Swal Dairy was built on family values.

Patrick and Marie Swal opened  the Swal Dairy Retail locations in 2006 using the same principles they taught their four children; dedication, hard work, and love. The stores thrived due to these values. Dedication to customers, the hard work that goes into every batch of hand weaved ice cream, and a love of what we do!

Swal Dairy wasnt just a store, it was an experience; sitting on the front porch, relaxing in a quaint town. When you visited us you were'nt just a customer, but family, welcomed into our home. 


After 10 years in the retail business, we've turned our focus to wholesale products and events. Swal Dairy Wholesale runs on those same principles. Honestly good ice cream at affordable prices, sure to make people smile. 



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